"The Call of the Creature to Return to the Order, to the Place, and to the Purpose for Which It was Created by God."

(Left: The Blessed Virgin and Christ depicted by William Bouguereau, Top Right: Saint Hannibal Maria Di Francia, Bottom Right: Luisa Piccarreta - Servant of God)

May the Kingdom of the Divine Will come and reign on Earth as it does in Heaven

The Book of Heaven

"These are writings that must now be made known to the world. I believe they will produce great good. For as sublime as is this science of the Divine Will, so do these writings of divine dictation, present it, clearly and limpidly. In my opinion, no human intellect would have been able to form them."

(An excerpt from a letter of Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia)

Hours of the Passion

"I believe that if one who meditates them is a sinner, he will convert; if he is imperfect, he will become perfect; if he is holy, he will become more holy; if he is tempted, he will find victory; if he is suffering, in these Hours he will find the strength, the medicine, the comfort. And if his soul is weak and poor, he will find spiritual food and the mirror in which he will reflect himself continuously to be embellished and to become similar to Jesus, our model. The satisfaction that blessed Jesus receives from the meditation of these Hours is so great, that He would want at least one copy of these meditations to be present and practiced in each city or town."

(Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia)